This second issue of CONTRAST, face of the project with the same name, seeks to display publicly (or reveal, that is make visible) the work carried out in the area of photography in ten Portuguese schools: ARCO, DARQ,DCAM-ECATI, EA-UCP, ESAP, ESMAD, FAUP, FBAUL, FBAUP and IPT. Schools that differ in their history, profile, and objectives and, as such, in both their culture and creative practice. بوكر حقيقي على النت Hence, the selected works, in addition to being creations of singular subjects, were developed and implemented throughout 2020 and 2021 in very diverse curricular contexts. سر لعبة الروليت  

This act of display – of exposing and exhibiting, but also of revealing and signifying – is, above all, that of transporting authorial photography (or, at least, its initial steps or first indications, together with the glimpses of new paths contained therein) beyond the public sphere. Such a purpose

reflects not only the desire to stimulate communication and mutual knowledge between institutions (which are almost always too occupied with themselves), but also to broaden their dialogue with all who coexist outside the academic world (people and institutions), thereby expanding their intervention in the social, cultural and political fabric.

More importantly, in its original proposal and unique objectives, CONTRAST seeks something more: to weave a creative network of knowledge, authors, groups and national and international institutions around photography as a contemporary practice and a privileged place for contemporary thought. Understood, in this sense, as a territory of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary intersection between art, architecture and design, revealed and interpreted through photography – which is itself hybrid, mutant, varied, and necessarily impermanent, due to its combinatorial nature between different scientific areas, documentary practices and artistic projects. 

The combination, in this project, of the immaterial, digital and interactive dimensions with the material dimensions of the printed edition – but also of the visual dimensions, of exhibition, of transmission and editorial publication with the verbal dimensions of reflection and textual interpretation and demonstration –, is the necessary corollary of an ambitious project of dissemination, expansion and intervention of photography in contemporary visual culture, following that first step of teaching and learning, the organized and systematic practice in classrooms and studies, and somewhere, either there or elsewhere, its creative transgression – or simple transfiguration – of the predictable, the probable, sometimes even the plausible. This is the exciting passage from the fields of photography to the fields of the photographic that CONTRAST aims to display.  

1 ARCO (Center for Art and Visual Communication), DARQ (Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra), DCAM-ECATI (Department of Film and Media Arts of the School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Technologies of Userrmation, Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, Lisbon), EA. UCP (School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University), ESAP (Art School of Porto), ESMAD (School of Media, Arts and Design, Vila do Conde), FAUP (Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto), FBAUL (Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon), IPT (Polytechnic Institute of Tomar). لعبة سباق خيول حقيقية