July 2022

We have reached the end of the book Contrast. Photography in Higher Education and it is in the inspiring light of this experience that exposes Photography as a living and open system, that I emphasize the photographic image as a holistic entity between things and people. Photography, this labyrinth

Practising and teaching the arts were two fields in constant transformation over the last half century. Artistic practice – and saying so is almost commonplace – was reformed numerous times throughout the twentieth century, absorbing many other forms of object and image production, but also inco

Philippe Descola (Les Formes du Visible, 2021), begins by stating: “Of the myriad of images produced by humans for at least eighty thousand years, only a tiny fraction is relevant to art and its history”. In this myriad of images are contained all sorts of representations, from image pro

“And now, my friend, I ask you to open your eyes wide. Do you keep your eyes open? Have you been trained to open your eyes? Do you continually keep them open? What do you look at when you walk?”. This advice from Le Corbusier to architecture students could be extended to anyone involved

As a geographer, I could not speak of photography in another condition, which would cause me greater error and discomfort. In classical geography, one largely photographed the landscape: the thing itself and its representation, which, as we know, are inseparable.  In this practice, there was no