The “CONTRAST: MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTISTIC NETWORK OF ART, ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY” (CONTRAST) project, led by the Architecture, Art, and Image (AAI-CEAU-FAUP) research group, coordinated by Pedro Leão Neto, in partnership with the Cultural Association Cityscopio, ESMAD-uniMAD, and FBAUP-i2ads and ID+, has been selected for funding by DGARTES in the Support for Projects Program.

CONTRAST’s work, along with its team and partners – ARCO, DARQ, DCAM, EA.UCP, ESAP, ESMAD, FAUP, FBAUL, FBAUP, FEUP, and IPT – has been recognized both in terms of Creation and Education and in the network of initiatives involving Dissemination, Debate, and Editorial activities related to Photography and its interaction with Art, Architecture, and Design. This is considered an important achievement, and the project expresses gratitude to all its partners for their support and active participation, which greatly contributed to being selected by DGARTES once again.

It’s also important to note that these projects hold significance in the curriculum of the institutions and the participating educators. All the institutions and educators are integrated as members of the project team funded by competitive grants, officially documented on the CEAU-FAUP website.

Over the next two years, the project will strengthen its research component and expand partnerships, especially within the European context, with other institutions and artistic networks related to their area of interest. To internationalize the CONTRAST project, a partnership will be established with the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), an international nonprofit society dedicated to the development, connection, and international dissemination of artistic research as a specific knowledge production practice. The goal is to initiate a pilot project in which the photographic projects of partner institutions can be created and hosted on the Research Catalogue platform, an international infrastructure for artistic research that allows multimedia publication.

In addition to the new partnership with the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), collaboration continues with three schools outside of Portugal, namely the Liverpool School of Architecture (LSA), the Zaragoza Unidad Predepartamental de Arquitectura at the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC) in Barcelona.


Pedro Leão Neto (FAUP / CEAU / SCOPIO)


Pedro Tropa (AR.CO)

Orlando Franco (DCAM)
Rodrigo Peixoto (DCAM)
Sofia Silva (DCAM)

José Maças de Carvalho (DARQ)

Carlos Lobo (EA.UCP)

Eduarda Neves (ESAP)
Maria Covadonga Barreiro (ESAP)
Nuno Ramalho (ESAP)
Rui Lourosa (ESAP)

João Leal (ESMAD / Unimad)
Luís Ribeiro (ESMAD / Unimad)
Olívia da Silva ( ESMAD / Unimad)

Maria Neto (CEAU / FAUP / UBI)
Mário Mesquita (FAUP / FBAUP / i2ADS)

Rogério taveira (FBAUL)
Victor dos Reis (FBAUL)

José Carneiro (FBAUP / i2ADS)
Susana Lourenço Marques (FBAUP / i2ADS)

Jorge Manuel Gomes Barbosa (FEUP)

Cecília Baptista (IPT)
Alexandre Magalhães (IPT)

João patrício (IPT)
Valter Ventura (IPT)

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