The Contrast publication is the result of a partnership established between FAUP /CEAU / CCRE and ESMAD / uniMAD and gives continuity and a new dimension to the section with the same name, which had been published in the international photography magazine scopio Magazine. Contrast enriches and evolves the editorial work of this section of the magazine, assuming itself now as an independent space, integrating several editors linked to the teaching of photography. One of its main purposes is to gather a diverse set of texts of critical reflection and analysis, about photographic projects carried out in a teaching and research context, representative of the main institutions of Portuguese higher education linked to the teaching of photography and also integrating curricular units in which photography appears in the scope of other disciplinary areas such as, for instance, Architecture, Design and Multimedia and Artistic Studies, among others.

This new publication, with its own ISSN, thus offers a wide range of texts written by professors and researchers, about their pedagogical strategies and about a selection of photographic projects developed by students, which is the responsibility of each institution or curricular unit. Given the lack of a publication with these characteristics, we believe that this editorial project fills an important gap in the universe of photography teaching in Portugal.

Contrast intends to contribute to the development and dissemination of photography as an area of knowledge. We believe that this publication will enable a better perception of the different educational systems and goals around photography, in the context of higher education in Portugal, as well as of its results. For all these reasons, we believe that Contrast will help to create synergies between several photography schools and to bring more visibility to these institutions, as well as to the projects of their finalist students, promoting them at a national and international level.