On my trips by metro between the cities of Porto and Vila do Conde, passing through the Zona Industrial da Varziela, there was always a detail that stood out to the eye. Standing out from the gray that surrounds the warehouses, in a large logo at the top, the initials “EMSI” accompanied by Asian characters, dominated my vision. The flow of people from another geography at this precise point, aroused questions, which at a given moment, evolved into a need to search for answers: Who were these people and where did they come from? Would that (warehouse) be the only reason for all these people to remain in this location? What relationship did they have with that specific warehouse?

   While the questions and concerns that haunted me are translated, there is an attempt to immerse myself in this reality, in a movement of progressive approximation. The images intend to demonstrate the attempt to understand the territory, where the doubts that feed the project are latent, doubts that are not clarified concretely.