Born in a privileged location, the ‘new’ Porto Business School, chosen to be photographically portrayed in the development of this visual narrative, a gesture flourishes, strongly integrated into the urban fabric, close to various types of access and means of transport, from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport to Sete Bicas Metro Station, revealing itself as an important articulation point for the city of Porto.

The building is the result of a project by a multidisciplinary architecture and engineering team, led by architect José Manuel Soares, with great ambitions to comply with the most demanding European sustainability and energy efficiency standards. The seven-storey building includes a plural and diversified programme that includes classroom spaces, offices for student and teacher research, libraries, a restaurant, auditoriums for small and large events and underground parking, as well as a vast garden whose vegetation is exclusively made up of adapted Portuguese and native species and whose design accentuates the relationship with the surroundings.

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