An architecture that is undoubtedly distinctive for its spatial clarity, transparency, play of light, reflections, proportion and scale, the Porto Artistic School building designed by Michele Cannatà, Fátima Fernandes and João Carreira is here established as a space for exploration, rambling and experimentation.

In a constant experience of space, which motivates the continued exploration of ESAP’s territory, already organised in the visual narrative developed at an early stage, it now serves as the premise for a new architectural promenade. A work that aims to explore the creation of a larger, more complex spatial structure, in a harmonious synthesis that results from the fusion of three other, simpler structures that are detached from the larger one. In a strong dialogue with the selected spaces, these structures, in addition to the exhibition aspect for which they are intended, reveal themselves as spaces for sitting, stopping and contemplation. From the inside out, from the outside in, a fusion between inside and outside, without limits. An idea of plasticity, dynamism and movement, capable of corresponding to the continuity of the routes that characterise the interior of the Porto Artistic School.

“We want to create the purely organic building, boldly emanating its inner laws, free of untruths or ornamentation.”[1]

– Walter Gropius

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