The result of collecting and interpreting life stories that unfold over the landscape of the foothills of Serra da Estrela, “A Dança dos Mosquitos” is a film essay that seeks to give stage to a collective memory that survives under threat from an erosive loneliness.

During an extensive and detailed pre-production phase, photography emerged as a tool for evidencing and documenting the fragments that make up this project – the spaces, the houses, the objects and the animals – everything that surpasses us and remains, leaving only the traces of absence, of an ageing population and a gradually depopulated territory.

The mediation of these fragments, which are both factual and part of an imaginary that is radiated by a collective restricted to a specific geographical area, takes place in the director’s own inner world. Linearity and logic are rejected in favour of an intimate and transcendent transmission of the whole experience of growing up in this environment and setting out to hear the stories of this place.