Photography is a vehicle for questioning and problematising the relationships between architecture, city and territory. In this visual narrative, we apply such methods in order to perceive these relationships on an analogous scale, with the triad of Building, Public Space and Metro Station. The visual narration is a way of linking spatial transitions, relationships of light, proportion and materiality, as well as poetic-spatial readings based on the trajectories promoted by the sequence of images in the photobook.

The purpose in this context is to understand the connections between the i3S building (Institute of Innovation and Research in Health), belonging to the University of Porto, and its immediate surroundings, consisting of buildings, public spaces and the University Pole Metro station. The building was designed by Serôdio, Furtado Arquitetos and is home to three health research institutes, as well as researchers from various University of Porto faculties. The programme is based on collaborative spaces between institutes, with public areas on the ground floor and research and experimental rooms on the upper floors. The spaces are articulated by central openings, always marked by the geometry of exposed concrete.

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